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 Solar Energy 

  Solar energy, the life-giver to the Earth, is free. The energy from the sun makes it possible for a farm to produce food and is one of the best options for providing electricity to the people and beings who inhabit the farm.   

  Solar panels can provide light, heat, and power for devices and tools which are needed on a farm. 

  The sun provides food and nutrition, warmth and power. With that and air, water and shelter, we have the basics for survival in a wide range of environmental conditions. 

The Neurio Home Electricity Monitoring System
Thanks again go to cousin Walter for this wonderful home electricity monitor! This allows me to keep a close eye on my farm's electricity usage, the goal being to establish a profile which will let us know what is needed in terms of a solar electricity system. 
The Neurio home electricity monitor comes with a cool App that runs on a cell phone so I can check my home's immediate electricity draw at any and all times! :)  
Using the Neuro system, I have reduced my electrical bills to lower than they have been for 14 years!


Here is an overhead view of my land, highlighting possible locations for the solar panels.
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